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released November 11, 2011

Recorded by Wade Oliver at Wade's World, November 2011



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OFFED Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Fixed
Clinging to a lie to excuse
All the fucked up things that you do
One pair of prints in the sand
No trace left of your dead man
Condemning us all from his throne
Just out of reach of the stones
Prayer's a vice because your fear's a lie
Blame your self
Prayer's a vice because your love's a lie
Thank your self
A one way march down a dead path
I said this before but I still laugh
Track Name: Consequence
Push me too far and I swear that you'll see
You haven't yet met the asshole in me
You walk like a chump so the shoes must fit
But my mouth is shut my tongue is bit
Do what you do I couldn't care less
But press me and I'm up to the test
Thinking I'll break but I won't bend
There's a place for this and a place for that
But I'll put you in your place if you don't face facts
Track Name: Rage
Pestilent world, it all unfolds
Before my eyes the truth I hold
It is a curse I'd do without
You live your life your brain carved out
The ones you love will hurt you the most
You let them all in much too close
They leave you out to fucking hang
Only smile to show their fangs
That I can’t seem to break
That I can't explain
Track Name: Haunted
Pursed lips, clenched fists
Swing at walls, never miss
Every human, all consuming
Live it up, death is looming
What if I don't want to?
Why? I don't want to
Digitized sex and lies
Praise our bodies, out of our minds
Free will, we will
Spin this world into a still
What if I don't want to?
Why? I don't want to
I'll just stay inside
And lock the door at night
But these demons can float
Right through the holes
Track Name: Eviction
I want out, I want a way
To never have to hear another word that you say
I want out, I want a way
To blow this whole thing with one grenade
To save its name I'd pull the pin
Because this is rotting from the outside in
Cool kid critics
Bitch made bullies
Drop out douchebags
Fuck them all
Track Name: Silence
In 15 years I've heard it all
Still try so hard to make me small
Sad fucking life, you can't let it be
I stand apart and your stance is weak
For all the times you smirked in my face
For all the shit I had to taste
For all the fights I turned away
Just steer clear, it's safe to say
Track Name: Unhinged
My alarm goes off, I press restart
On the hate and rage inside my heart
By noon's end it's full again
By night fall my brain's on the wall
Solo - no helping hands
Alone - I don't fucking mind
One deep - I love it
Black sheep - worthless people
Shotgun loaded, I ask myself
Why am I here
When I could be gone?
Track Name: Scourge
Rather live with the roaches and rats
Than the human race, filthy and fat
You are all the same
Get me off this earth
Rather live with the roaches and rats
Than the human race, filthy and fat
Parasitic scum, dripping wounds
Seal us all in a mass tomb
You are all the same
Get me off this earth
'Cause it's you or me
And I bet I pull first